living the bagged life

There are many stops along the path of a bagged life. From the first time you are made aware, to the final breath of what makes this life, you are on a journey. The path to enlightenment. Do you know what I’m talking about? Want to help others understand?

If you were one of the lucky 84k fans, you have already been entered. For those just joining us, start by answering the question below:
Valley girls say this way too often,

Winners will be announced January 1st, 2014. Select invites including @baggedlife.com email addresses are rewarded based on participation. Physical rewards begin after there are 100k who have tasted a bagged life. Share the love, live the life.


  1. daniel mcdonald says:

    I have lived this lifestyle since I was a young kid. Started with lowering my rc cars then my bicycles then of coarse I got into mini truckin. It has def been a great ride and an amazing journey. I love ridin low and livin slow. Just thought I would share my personal thought of this amazing lifestyle.


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    Living the bagged life

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